Privacy Policy

My privacy policy sums up how I collect and protect personal data on my website.

First Things First

First things first; I protect your personal data. The personal data collected by website is valuable to me. They’re so valuable that I make sure they are protected and NOT shared with any website. I would never do anything to release your personal data from my website.

Personal Data Collected

It is automatic for my website to collect personal data soon as you access it. For one, your IP address is automatically seen soon as you’re on my website. Even if you disable the cookies, the IP address of your internet network will show.

In addition to your IP address, my website is able to collect your name and email address.

How They Are Collected

Unlike the IP address, the collection of names and email addresses isn’t automatic. My website is only able to collect your name and email address when you use my contact form or when you post a comment. It is required of you to share your name and email address each time you want to send me a message or post a comment.

While on the other hand, your IP address is collected by my website because of the cookies. What the cookies do is that they store data from your online searches. Soon as they store the data from your online searches, the websites access them the next time you go online.

The websites use the information they access from the cookies to send you advertisements each time you go back online. Yes, that’s the reason why you suddenly see a banner of a certain product or company on your next search. Your online search becomes personalized and is related to your previous search and this all because of the information accessed from the cookies. So you can see, at this point, the wealth of information that’s contained in the cookies. If that makes you uneasy, you can delete the cookies.

Even if my website is able to collect some of your personal details, I will make sure that they will never be made available to the public.