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I really don’t mind being called a geek. I’m in total awe of the wonders of technology. Nothing else in the world fascinates me but technology. It has made my personal and work life so easy.

Given my passion for technology, I thought of setting up this blog. I can write about the latest in technology at the same time, share my thoughts with you. I will do my best not to bore you but I’m definitely sure you can learn a thing or two here on edtechno.com. But before the learning starts, you have to know about my terms and conditions. It’s important that you know about my terms and conditions because you are automatically bound to them soon as you access my website.

Sharing Of Data

You agree to share some of your personal data soon as you access my website. Such personal data may include your email address, web browser, location, name, and IP address. You agree that once you are on my website, these personal data maybe collected from you.

Using The Website

You are free to use my website. After all, it’s a good resource for any techno questions that you might have. You can even contact me in case you have some brilliant idea you want to share with me. But you need to make sure your brilliant idea is techno related. The only topic I talk about here is technology.

So when it comes to comments and messages, you need to make sure they are techno related. Comments and messages that attack and insult people, companies, and service providers are NOT allowed here.

Making Use Of Articles

You can make use of my articles as long as you inform me. You can post any of them on other websites only after you have informed me. You can use the contact form for that.

Keeping Up With The Updates

You need to keep up with my updates because they’re immediately effective soon as they’re posted. Again, you have to be aware of the updated terms you’re bound to.