Online Backup Is A Necessity And No Longer A Luxury at

carbonite-online-backup-technologyI’m a fan of online backup. I think it’s the one of the most innovative technologies these days. I’m really amazed at how we can digitally protect all our computer files online. The concept just amazes me to this day.

But I’m not the only one that’s amazed with online backup. I do know a lot of my friends are also turning to this wonderful way of backing up files online.

Here’s the thing with online backup: there are too many options to choose from, according to site. One thing I notice from most of my friends that opt for online backup is that they just choose any kind of service provider.

While it’s a good idea to back up online, it’s very important to choose the right service provider. You cannot entrust your files to just any company that does not have any track record in online backup. Imagine backing up all your personal files online to a service provider that you are not sure of? That’s pretty much the same thing as bearing your whole soul to a complete stranger. It really is a very risky thing to do.

I still get shocked every time I find out that some people actually trust a free online backup service provider. In this time and age, I would like to think that more people are smarter.

Based on my experience, those free online backup services don’t last. A couple of years ago, I also trusted a free online backup service. Unfortunately after about a year, I couldn’t access my files anymore. Aside from the fact that I needed to have a password for each single file I had backed up with them, I eventually lost everything. But that was years ago and I wasn’t aware of the other options.

With a free online backup service, you definitely won’t have any guarantee of security and protection. First, you wouldn’t know as to how long the company will last. Second, you wouldn’t get any kind of file protection. Third, online backup is now so affordable that the value provided is just too much to pass. In fact, if you get hold of deals and discounts on online backup such as those featured on R-Fate carbonite backup offer code for family use and R-Fate carbonite offer code business for businesses that need backup, you’ll realize that the risk of using free online backup services is not worth it.

One thing I am adamant about is that there is no way I would trust a free online backup service provider. That is why I get totally appalled every time I find out that some people backup online for free. Just a couple of days ago, I was with some friends that told me that they actually use the free online backup service of one well-known browser. While they are sure that that particular service provider will be around for a long time (they are, after all, a well-known browser) they are not too sure about the security of their files.

Choosing smart means going for the online backup service that can totally protect all the files. There should be some kind of encryption process that should take place before the files are transferred online.

My advice is to look for an online backup service that has a very reliable encryption process. Just don’t settle for an online backup service that guarantees some kind of encryption process. Find one that actually has a specific encryption process. For example, Carbonite transmits all computer files to their well-guarded data centers using an encryption called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

So while I’m all for online backup, there’s an urgent need to really choose the right one. Don’t settle for just any online backup service. Research and seek answers to your online backup queries and choose smart.

Why RFID Tags Are Catching On at

rfid-tracking-technologyDo you need to keep track of hundreds or thousands of different items? Maybe you have a CD collection that has been growing for years and constantly trying to remember what you own or where the CD is currently located is taking up your time and money. You may want to create a database of everything you own but how do you track the physical items? RFID tags can help.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is an method of tracking physical materials through a small flat transponder attached to the item. You can apply an RFID tag to an object and use radio waves to read and track the item. A standard RFID tag contains an integrated circuit for storing the information you can read and an antenna for transmitting the signal. Many companies and manufactures use RFID in their supply chain management process. The companies apply RFID tags to the items to track and they are able to track their supply easily. You can use the same ideas behind large supply chain management to your home.

You may have heard about RFID tags tracking our every move and are apprehensive about tagging the items in your home. After all, you really would not want someone with an RFID reader to be able to see what you have in your home. Labeling your home inventory and collections with RFID will not announce to other people what you own because the tags will actually not have any specific information on them.

To begin labeling your products at home, you should purchase passive RFID tags. Passive RFID does not actively broadcast a signal, the RFID information is only readable by a RFID reader in close proximity. If you are cautious about possible exposure of your inventory to others you can test your reader and your RFID tags before applying the labels to your products.

RFID tags are so small now that you can actually purchase labels that contain a RFID chip embedded in the paper. The chips are also very thin so you may not even notice the chip at all. If you want to make labels for a collection of products or to mark your home inventory, choose a label that is not too large and fits your budget. The paper labels are so easy to use that you may start to label everything you come in contact with.

You can usually find these RFID labels at stores that sell products to warehouses or online. If this is your first purchase of RFID labels, you may want to seek out a store in your town and discuss your options with a sales clerk. Many companies will try to sell you a printer, labels, and an elaborate RFID reader but there really is no need to over purchase your supplies. All you need are the labels and a RFID reader, which can be purchased second hand through Ebay or other website. If you visit a local store, you may want to request a demonstration of different readers and different labels in order to choose the right labels for your needs.

You will need to purchase an inventory database program for your computer, of if you have the time and the desire, you could make your own. There are many different database programs available online, it is simply a matter of finding the program that meets your needs. To keep your work down, choose a database program that can store the RFID information in them. This allows you to enter all the data pertaining to the items you want to track into one location and scan the RFID label you attach to the product.

Also, you may want to spend a little time thinking about why you are labeling the items in your home in order to purchase the best database program for your needs. If you loan items in your collection out, you can use your database to track which items you have loaned out. If you want to create a home inventory in case of loss or theft, your database program can be much easier and simpler.

Because of the demands of many large companies, RFID tags have become very thin and very cheep. You really do not need to do anything special to create a useable RFID label for your home, just slap a pre-made paper label on the items you want to track. With the proper database program and reader you will not need to write anything on the label, just attach, scan the chip, and record the data on your computer.

The hard part of this tracking process, will be collecting the data into a database you can use. There are several companies that sell a database and RFID reader package to allow the home user to start an RFID inventory. And who knows, once you begin using RFID tags in your home, you may start to discover additional uses for these handy RFID tags.